Lowan Park Produce is a family owned and operated farm in Bordertown on the Limestone Coast, currently in the safe hands of fourth generation farmer Lucy Dodd. We have been on the same farm since the 1920s, and have chosen to use regenerative agricultural principles to ensure the land is managed sustainably as we care for the animals and the environment.

Lowan Park chickens are moved to fresh grass on a daily basis, where they can enjoy the sunshine and a low-stress life! This process fertilises the paddocks while providing a natural and environmentally friendly way to grow chickens.

In 2023, Lucy purchased Pooginagoric Free Range Turkeys and processing facility from the Watson family, continuing to raise turkeys in the same tradition and quality that the Watsons have done for the last 30 years. Just 30 minutes from Lowan Park, turkeys nurtured at Pooginagoric are truly free range. Once they are old enough, they are raised in purpose-built paddocks that give them space to roam, bathe and live their best turkey lives!

The addition of free range turkeys to our business is propelling Lowan Park Produce to the next level. We are now able to process all of our animals on farm, significantly reducing stress and ensuring the happiest and healthiest birds around.

We supply butchers, restaurants and home cooks across Australia with high quality, pasture-raised chickens and free range turkeys, as well as producing premium pet treats that reduce our on farm waste.